Small-batch Wellness Tonics that Harvest the Natural Benefits of Whole, Raw Superfoods for Every Body.

Wellness: Powered by Plants, Rooted in Community.

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Whole. Raw Ingredients

Plant Powered

Herbs, roots and spices have been used for centuries to improve digestion, heighten immunity and reduce inflammation, among a myriad of other benefits. Our superfood-fueled recipes are steeped in this same tradition, using only whole, raw, nutrient-dense ingredients as nature intended. You are what you eat!

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Community Centered

We are rooted in the town of Catskill in the Hudson Valley of Upstate NY, where we grow our own food and many of the ingredients we use in product development and source as many of our ingredients as we can locally. We cherish our vibrant community of farmers, small producers, and our team, many of whom work with us through a local employment generation program for neurodivergent adults, and help craft each and every bottle of our product with tremendous care, pride and love.

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Thrive Oriented

For our team, wellness means thriving in body, mind and community spirit. Our tonics give you the nutrients you need to feel great, in a form you can take any which way - from a shot to a mixer to a potently flavorful one stop ingredient. So drink up, get cooking, and thrive on!

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Phenomenal Fire Ciders

Time-honored methods, innovative recipes and the freshest, most natural ingredients result in our three signature Fire Ciders: Unsweetened for the purists, Maple Honey for the masses, and Carolina Reaper for the spice fanatics!

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Maple Honey Fire CiderMaple Honey Fire Cider

Enlightened Earth Ciders

For those who like the idea of Fire Cider but don't want the heat, this is just for you: cooling, grounding, and deeply nourishing, steeped with roots traditionally used for their powerful detoxifying properties, it's smooth and easy going down straight or mixed with water, selzer, or food.

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Dandelion Earth Cider

Outstanding Oxymels

Two of our favorite superfood ingredients, raw honey and organic ACV, along with an array of potent herbs and spices, join forces with a powerful concentration of fortifying flavor. These crowd pleasing formulations are popular with adults and kids alike, and especially popular as healthy mixers.

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Elderberry Oxymel Syrup

Meet Hany

Our Story

Hany's mission is to inspire others to thrive in mind, body and community spirit by sharing the benefits of whole, raw, sustainably-sourced superfoods through his line of handcrafted wellness tonics.

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