Influenced by his own wellness journey, his passion for plants, and his unquenchable quest for adventurous, Hany's mission is to inspire others to thrive in mind, body and community spirit by sharing the benefits of whole, raw, consciously sourced superfoods through his line of handcrafted wellness tonics.

Hany ElDiwany traces his deep connection to the land and respect for the restorative power of plants to his childhood growing up in the Middle East, especially his frequent visits to his family’s farm in Egypt.

Inspired by his heritage and fueld by his formal training as a chemical engineer and extensive self study in herbalism and Eastern healing traditions, Hany began crafting his own wellness tonics based on traditional herbal recipes, tinkering with ingredients and blends to find his own distinctive formulations that not only tasted great but made him feel great too, sowing the seeds for what would become Hany’s Harvest.

In 2017, Hany started bottling his signature Fire Ciders, Earth Ciders and Oxymel Syrups for his friends and family, who kept asking for more, and the business grew organically from there. The same year Hany joined forces with his wife Adina, whose background in international agriculture, enterprise development and holistic wellness positioned her to take on a formal role as co-founder of Hany’s Harvest.

In 2018, Hany and Adina moved to New York’s Hudson Valley to put down roots, where Hany's Harvest became part of a vibrant community of local farmers and like-minded small businesses. Here, Hany and Adina raise chickens, keep bees and grow much of their own food, including many of  the ingredients they use to develop new products - Hany's favorite part of the business!

Meet Hany's Harvest

  • Elderberry Oxymel Syrup

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    Elderberry Oxymel SyrupElderberry Oxymel Syrup
  • Unsweetened Fire Cider

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    Unsweetened Fire CiderUnsweetened Fire Cider
  • Carolina Reaper Fire Cider

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    Carolina Reaper Fire CiderCarolina Reaper Fire Cider
  • Maple Honey Fire Cider

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    Maple Honey Fire CiderMaple Honey Fire Cider