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Oxymel Syrups

A type of traditional herbal syrup, the word "oxymel" comes from the greek word "oxy", which means acid, and "mel", which means honey. Thus, an oxymel is literally translated as "acid honey". The acid portion of the oxymel typically comes in the form of vinegar.

When raw honey and unfiltered apple cider vinegar are used, the oxymel offers a host of benefits ranging from digestive wellness to immune support. Infuse a host of beneficial herbs in this base, and the benefits are expanded further. An added benefit to the honey and vinegar base is the preservative quality, allowing the herbs to be stored for a long time.

In contrast, many of today's wellness-oriented products use cane sugar, artificial sweeteners or other un-natural ingredients to preserve or flavor their products. Others use grain alcohol which, while a legitimate traditional ingredient, is not suitable for many people.

At Hany's Harvest, we use only the finest organic apple cider vinegar, complete with mother, along with local, wildflower honey. No cane sugar, sucralose, alcohol, artificial flavorings or anything of the sort. 

Our honey is featured in quantities of 50% by volume or greater, in keeping with traditional practice, whereas many honey-based syrups today fall short of this threshold, which is needed for the preservative qualities of honey to be activated.

We craft our oxymels in small batches in our kitchen in Catskill, NY, with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring only the highest quality product reaches our customers.

Our feature Oxymel features organic elderberries, which are renowned for their immune support and anti-oxidant qualities. Stay tuned as we announce the release of more oxymels in the future.

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