We believe in WELLNESS

We believe that whole, vibrant food makes for a whole, vibrant life, and that nourishing your body with whole foods should be a breeze. That’s why we’re committed to packing so many potent whole, organic and responsibly sourced superfoods into a single potent daily dose of wellness.

Our raw, unfiltered process infuses and concentrates the nutrients contained in our superfood ingredients in their purest form, so your body can quickly and easily absorb their multitude of beneficial properties.

And by capturing a broad array of powerful nutrients into enticing tonics, we make it easy to get your recommended daily allowance of essential nutrients, and make it fun to incorporate into your daily routine - whether you take a shot, drizzle it on your morning eggs or lunchtime salad, or mix it into your evening cocktail or mocktail. The sky’s the limit.

A daily dose helps you feel energized and vibrant, fueling you to thrive.


We believe that we are stewards of the earth, and we are constantly striving to make our business as friendly to the environment as possible.

That means we do our best to source organically, regeneratively grown ingredients whenever possible from as close as possible. And we are proud to employ these practices to grow our own ingredients that we use in our product development, our favorite part of the business.

It also means we are always thinking about and adopting the packaging and shipping methods with the lowest carbon footprint.

We are proud to be among the small minority of U.S. food businesses that produce, package and fulfill in-house, which means eliminating extra shipping to/between co-manufacturers, co-packers and fulfillment companies, while creating much needed jobs in our own community.


We believe that inclusiveness is fundamental to a vibrant community, and we are proud to reflect that in our hiring and HR practices and culture. Our partnership with the Mid-Hudson ARC provides jobs for neurodivergent individuals from our underserved community, and in our high season this core team is joined by a diverse corps of off-season farmers, students, musicians and more.

Our community extends to the family-owned farms who provide many of our ingredients and host our apiaries, in the Hudson Valley and beyond.

We are proud that our business and our product is rooted in community.