The Hany’s Harvest production process is the culmination of Hany’s journey as an herbalist, and background in chemical engineering. All steps in our process are done by our small team in our licensed facility in Catskill, NY.

Step 1. Sourcing

We consciously source all of our ingredients, working with small local farmers and producers wherever possible. Our community of partners in upstate New York, New England and beyond allows us to access the highest quality, sustainably grown and harvested whole ingredients that make our craft fire ciders and oxymels so unique.

Our Sources

Step 2. Infusing

The whole ingredients we use in our Fire and Earth Ciders are infused into raw, unfiltered ACV for several weeks, while those in our Oxymel Syrups are infused into a blend of ACV and raw honey. Once the beneficial essence of the ingredients has been absorbed into the base, we carefully strain and hand-press to retain the goodness of the whole ingredients in every bottle. This multi-phase process optimizes the potency of each ingredient while reducing food waste, contributing to our commitment to sustainable production processes.

Step 3. Processing

In order to retain the delicate enzymes and nutrients present in our raw ingredients, we never heat pasteurize. Instead we rely on the acidity of the vinegar and lemon, which act as preservatives to make the finished product shelf-stable. Finally, our team bottles all of our store-bound products in amber bottles to protect them from photodegradation, carefully packages each order and mailing it off to retail partners or directly to customers like you.

Meet our team
  • Elderberry Oxymel Syrup

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    Elderberry Oxymel SyrupElderberry Oxymel Syrup
  • Unsweetened Fire Cider

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    Unsweetened Fire CiderUnsweetened Fire Cider
  • Carolina Reaper Fire Cider

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    Carolina Reaper Fire CiderCarolina Reaper Fire Cider
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    Maple Honey Fire CiderMaple Honey Fire Cider