Our line of  small-batch, craft-made, potently delicious Fire Ciders, Earth Ciders and Oxymel Syrups have a wildly versatile appeal - you can use them as a wellness shot, cocktail or mocktail mixer, or as a one-stop ingredient for infinite recipes like salad dressings, sauces and so much more!

A type of traditional herbal syrup, the word "oxymel" comes from the Greek oxy (acid), and mel (honey), or "acid honey". The acid portion of the oxymel traditionally comes in the form of vinegar, creating rich honey-vinegar infusion

We use raw honey and raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar, offering a host of benefits ranging from digestive wellness to immune support, and creating a  Then we infuse a host of beneficial herbs into the honey-vinegar base, bolstering the immune-boosting and digestive benefits as well as a range of others. The honey and vinegar base creates a preservative quality, preserving the benefits of infused herbs indefinitely.

In contrast, many of today's supposedly wellness-oriented products use cane sugar, artificial sweeteners or other unnatural ingredients as preservatives and flavoring agents. Others use grain alcohol which, while absolutely a legitimate traditional herbal preservative, is not suitable for many people who are alcohol intolerant. Our oxymels feature honey in quantities of 50% or greater by volume, in keeping with traditional practice to activate honey’s preservative.

We use only the finest organic apple cider vinegar, complete with the mother, along with local, wildflower honey. No cane sugar, sucralose, alcohol, artificial flavorings or anything of the sort. 

Our Fire Cider collection features our flagship infusions: our bold and invigorating twists on traditional Fire Cider, which New Englanders have made for generations using Apple Cider Vinegar and local, whole nutrient-dense roots.

We infuse traditional whole roots like onion, garlic, ginger and horseradish in raw organic apple cider vinegar, adding fresh turmeric root, cayenne pepper and generous amounts of lemon, yielding a lively potent blend that’s both vigorously healthful and potently flavorful. 

Our offerings in this collection range in profile from Unsweetened to extra spicy (Carolina Reaper) to zesty sweet (Maple Honey), offering something to appeal to everyone. They’re incredible in vinaigrettes, spicy cocktails and mocktails or, for the bold among you, straight as a shot.

  • Carolina Reaper Fire Cider

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    Carolina Reaper Fire CiderCarolina Reaper Fire Cider
  • Unsweetened Fire Cider

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    Unsweetened Fire CiderUnsweetened Fire Cider
  • Maple Honey Fire Cider

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    Maple Honey Fire CiderMaple Honey Fire Cider
  • Sweet Fire Oxymel Syrup

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    Sweet Fire Oxymel SyrupSweet Fire Oxymel Syrup

Our earth ciders swap out the fiery qualities of our Fire Cider for a much mellower, yet equally bold, profile. We leave out the cayenne, horseradish, onion and garlic; instead, we use black pepper and cooler roots like organic beet, dandelion, burdock and chicory roots. These infusions are cooling, calming, and grounding -- evocative of the Earth element. 

Our Dandelion Earth Cider uses dandelion and burdock roots, traditionally used as a detoxifying blend and an antidote to water retention; as well as chicory root, a tonifyer believed to protect the liver, stimulate digestion (especially relieving constipation), and to balance the stimulant effects of caffeine. 

Our Beetroot Earth Cider uses organic beet root, another powerful root with detoxifying and tonifying properties; and premium, anti-oxidant and manganese rich Ceylon cinnamon, believed to help lower risk of health conditions like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, and manage the enzymes that produce hormones and help repair bones.

The black pepper in both of our Earth Ciders - derived solely from organic, whole black peppercorns - performs the important function of increasing the bioavailability of curcumin, the active ingredient in our organic, whole turmeric.