At Hany’s Harvest, we believe that fortune favors the bold. Our robust tonics harness the benefits of powerful plants with big flavors for a potent punch in your daily dose of wellness. They're everything you need to invigorate your body and your life.

Fire Ciders

Our Fire Ciders are no exception to our “bold is beautiful” philosophy. Just like the traditional recipes created by generations of herbalists to improve digestion, heighten immunity and reduce inflammation, fresh onion, garlic, ginger, horseradish and turmeric root are just some of the brazen superfoods that give our Fire Ciders their signature kick.

Oxymel Raw Honey Tonics

Our Oxymel Raw Honey Tonics pair two of nature’s mightiest superfoods, raw honey and organic apple cider vinegar, for a super simple, but oh-so-effective traditional herbal infusion. Not only do these two live ingredients offer a bevy of healthful perks - like providing essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, just to name a few - but this combination acts like a natural preserving agent for the other well-being boosting herbs and spices we add. Each of our formulations contain over 50% honey, making our Oxymel Tonics a crowd-pleasing, easy-to-use tonic. Because at Hany’s, we boldly think you catch the most wellness benefits with honey AND raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.

Earth Cider

Earth Cider is our special signature creation, the wellness tonic for every body especially crafted for our those who prefer their daily dose of wellness without the spice. We reign in the heat by substituting the cayenne, horseradish, onion and garlic with more grounding, all organic superfood roots - dandelion, burdock and chicory - for an earthy, balanced brew.

Hany's Favorite Recipes

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Gluten-Free Pancakes with Elderberry Oxymel Topping

Beet Salad with Easy Fire Cider Dressing