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What exactly are these Ciders?

All of our Ciders are infusions of roots and spices in raw, organic, unfiltered apple cider vinegar. (yes, the kind with the mother). Traditionally, these infusions have been used as wellness formulas to help with digestion, immunity, anti-inflammation, detoxification, respiratory function and more.

Fire Cider is a well known traditional recipe that is most popular in the New England area and its use has been chronicled by many well known herbalists. We make our Fire Cider with unique and potent ingredients to give our own invigorating twist on tradition.

Earth Ciders consist of our own unique line of infusions in which we use other potent wellness-inducing roots in the place of some of the traditional fire cider ingredients, offering a less fiery, yet equally bold experience.

What goes into these Ciders?

Raw unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar is the foundation of both fire and earth ciders. In addition, we add horseradish root, turmeric root, ginger root and, in select recipes, dandelion, burdock, beetroot, cinnamon, onion and garlic. Other ingredients include whole lemon juice and various peppers. The other thing that goes into fire tonic is time. Lots of time. Each batch is at least 8 weeks old by the time it reaches you, giving it time to reach a level of potency that ensures you get the most powerful elixir possible.

What are the benefits of drinking these tonics?

Besides a big sassy grin on your face? And maybe a bit of a wake-me-up kick? Spring in your step? Where do we even begin? Our customers would agree that a shot of fire cider or earth cider each day leaves them feeling a little better than before. Check out the testimonials on our product pages!

Is there any alcohol in these Ciders?

Nope! they are 100% alcohol free! Having said that, a lot of folks LOVE to use our ciders in their cocktails, as they add a spicy kick to their favorite liquors.

Is the sediment or cloudiness in my Cider normal?

Yes! This is a live product that hasn't been subjected to the effects of heat or cooking and thereby contains the living mother that manifests as the solids you may see in your tonic. It's totally harmless and in fact is considered to be a desirable part of apple cider vinegar! 

What exactly is the 'Mother'?

The mother nourishes the bacteria that ultimately turns apple cider into its corresponding vinegar. Pasteurized vinegar does NOT contain this live mother.

Are these ciders organic?

Although we have not at this point gotten a USDA organic certification, over 90% of the ingredients that go into our products are in fact certified organic, including the apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, onion, garlic, dandelion, burdock, cinnamon, black pepper, lemons and maple syrup. Better yet, over 90% of what goes into our products comes from within a short distance of our production facility. 

What makes your product so awesome?

We don't skimp on our ingredients. In fact, each gallon of fire cider that we make contains well over three pounds of root vegetables in it. And our Earth Ciders have well over two pounds of root vegetables per gallon. That's A LOT of roots. We don't add water to our product either, giving you full strength apple cider vinegar. The results are products that are bold, rich and intensely flavorful.

How much should I take?

A good amount to take is a tablespoon a day. That's the same as a half ounce or a shot glass filled half way up.

What's the best way to take it?

You can enjoy it straight as a shot. You can mix it with your favorite beverage. You can mix it with oil to make a scrumptious vinaigrette to pour over a salad. Or get creative and make your own recipe for enjoyment! Check out our recipes blog here.

This cider tastes a little <adjective>-er than the last one I ordered. What's up?

Our ciders are made in small batches using fresh whole ingredients that are available at the time of creation. Just as mother nature varies from season to season, so too does the fruit she bears for us to consume. These small variations result in very subtle differences in profile from one batch to the next. 



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