We consciously source each of our ingredients, working with small local farmers and producers wherever possible. Our community of partners in upstate New York and New England allows us to access the highest quality, sustainably grown and harvested whole ingredients that make our craft fire ciders and oxymels so unique.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Our raw, organic Apple Cider Vinegar comes to us from Fleischmanns in Upstate New York. (We even use the drums our ACV arrives in as garden beds in our expanding organic farming operation!) 


While we’re scaling up our own apiaries in hopes of producing enough honey to make all of our products, we source our honey from local producers throughout eastern New York and Western Massachusetts.

Maple Syrup

And our Grade A Maple Syrup comes from neighboring Vermont, where we’ve been honored to be adopted into the local food community through our involvement in gravel biking in the Northeast Kingdom.

Garlic + Herbs

We also grow our own organic garlic, which we use for R&D in new recipes and aspire to grow enough for all of our Fire Cider production. 

We’re constantly investigating local sources of our roots and herbs.

If you’re familiar with USDA’s organic status, you know that it’s extremely difficult for smaller scale producers to obtain and very few of the farms in our region are big enough to do so, even though they’re abiding by all (and often more than) the required practices. So we’re caught between a rock and a hard place, wanting our products to be certified organic but not wanting to compromise our commitment to sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible.