5 Minute Kale & Crispy Chickpea Salad

5 Minute Kale & Crispy Chickpea Salad

This super simple 5 minute lunch (& the captions in the pics below) comes to us from our friend @jessycawithawhy. We LOVE hearing all the super simple food prep ideas featuring our product that come from our community.

Fire Cider makes an easy, potently delicious salad dressing alternative that gives you an extra dose of wellness in an already healthy meal...plus eliminates expensive packaged salad dressings that crowd your fridge door and ultimately end up getting thrown out. Try this instead!



  • Kale (massaged
    with lemon juice)
  • Cucumbers, chopped
  • Golden raisins
  • Feta Cheese
  • Chickpeas (use canned or crispy from Biena Snacks
  • Hany's Harvest Maple Honey or Unsweetene d Fire Cider
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Olive or Avocado Oil 
  • Salt, pepper &/or garlic powder (optional) to taste



  1. Massage kale with lemon juice.
  2. Put the following into a jar & shake
  3. 3 parts Olive or Avocado Oil 
  4. 1 part Hany's Harvest Maple Honey or Unsweetened Fire Cider
  5. Dijon Mustard, Salt, pepper &/or garlic powder (optional) to taste
  6. Mix the rest of the ingredients with dressing
  7. Enjoy!

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