Fire Cider to the Rescue!

Fire Cider to the Rescue!
Once in a while, folks catch on to the wisdom herbalists have been cultivating for ages. That certainly seems to be the case right now with our beloved Fire Ciders.
The potent, spicy brew we've been making for the last several years is inspired by a recipe championed by the mama of American herbalists, Rosemary Gladstar, and prized for a wide range of wellness benefits. Most importantly in the face of the global pandemic, it's acknowledged by many as a powerful booster of immunity and respiratory health (not to mentioned so many more benefits!).
Our base of raw, organic apple cider vinegar (locally made here in Upstate New York) gives you vitamins, minerals and prebiotics that support the immune system, loosen congestion and improve lung function.
We steep it for weeks to extract the most beneficial elements of powerful roots and spices.
Roots like... 
Turmeric, immensely rich in curcumin, which protects the lungs from distress and disease by preventing or modulating inflammation and oxidative stress.
And Onion, a powerful antiviral that also helps the body absorb the benefits of the curcumin.
And Ginger, the gnarly little root known to ease symptoms of cold and flu, relieve inflammation, and support cardiovascular health.
And Horseradish, known to strengthen the immune system and relieve both pain and inflammation.
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