(Almost) Spring Hive Check!

(Almost) Spring Hive Check!

Spring is almost here and we're busy checking on our hives at our three apiaries -on two local farms - Lone Duck Farm in Saugerties and Greig Farm in Rhinebeck - as well as our own in Catskill, NY. 

Founder Hany with bee hives.

We went into winter with 14 hives, many of which were second or third year hives. 

While not all of our hives made it through winter 2023 we had a strong survival rate and a good amount of honey to harvest, even after making sure that all our bees have as much as they could need. We're fastidious about putting our bees

' welfare above all else, so we only harvest honey when we're sure they have plenty to make it through the next season. 

We're working on getting videos of our process up on our Youtube channel, so stay tuned!





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