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Fire Ciders

Our Fire Cider collection features our flagship infusions: our bold and invigorating twists on traditional Fire Cider, which New Englanders have made for generations using Apple Cider Vinegar and local, whole nutrient-dense roots.

We infuse traditional whole roots like onion, garlic, ginger and horseradish in raw organic apple cider vinegar, adding fresh turmeric root, cayenne pepper and generous amounts of lemon, yielding a lively potent blend that’s both vigorously healthful and potently flavorful. 

Our offerings in this collection range in profile from Unsweetened to extra spicy (Carolina Reaper) to zesty sweet (Maple Honey), offering something to appeal to everyone. They’re incredible in vinaigrettes, spicy cocktails and mocktails or, for the bold among you, straight as a shot.