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Hany's Harvest-Vegan Tonics-FREE of Raw Honey, Eggs, Meats, or Dairy products.

While all of our tonics are vegetarian-friendly - free of any eggs, meats or dairy products - our vegan collection goes further to eliminate the use of raw honey*. Our customers who are avoiding animal products altogether in their diet can rest assured that we have formulated products that fully meet their requirements, using natural plant produced sweeteners or eliminating sweeteners altogether. 

Our Beetroot Tonic uses only grade A dark maple syrup as a sweetener, which is harvested sustainably from Northeast maple trees. Maple trees are left standing and in good health after each maple sap harvest, meaning the habitat is not destroyed and animal habitat is not compromised. 

Our Original Tonic uses neither honey nor maple syrup. Free from any form of natural sugars, It's our most tart offering, yet it's a fan favorite, with its crisp, assertive profile.

In addition to the tonics in this collection, all the herbs and spices we sell are vegan as well.

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*We make sure to get our honey from small farms that practice humane beekeeping and are committed to the same ethical standards of production that go into making our tonics. It's sustainable honey from happy bees!



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