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Hany's Harvest offers some of the finest ingredients, as measured in taste and wellness properties. But sometimes you might want to purchase these amazing ingredients a la carte.

Are you making your own concoctions? Do you want to tweak a bottle of Hany's with even more extra goodness? Are you looking to brew up a batch of good herbal tea?

Whatever the case may be, we're there for you with quality dried herbs and spices for your enjoyment. we stock these in sealed, tamper-proof packages. And because we know you care about the quality of what you're getting, every package we sell is labeled with an origin and a packing date.

Do you like those woodsy earthy flavors in your bottle of Hany's Wilder Tonic? Try our dandelion or burdock roots! They make great teas 

Do you love the flavorful kick in our Reaper Tonic? Pick up some Carolina Reaper peppers! (they make a mean hot sauce too, if you're so inclined)

Our spice-n-herb shop aims to be your #1 choice in herbal ingredients.

Have look around and let us help you spice it up!

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