Hibiscus Ginger Seltzer

Hibiscus Ginger Seltzer

Quench your thirst with a vibrant and invigorating Hibiscus Ginger Seltzer infused with the exotic flavors of hibiscus and zesty ginger from Hany's Harvest Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel. This sparkling beverage is a delightful fusion of floral sweetness and refreshing fizz, perfect for any occasionÂ đŸ„‚



  1. Pour 1 cup of chilled seltzer water into a tall glass.

  2. Pour one shot (approximately 1-1.5 ounce) of Hany's Harvest Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel into the glass with seltzer water.

  3. Use a stirring spoon or gently swirl the glass to mix the seltzer water and Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel together, ensuring even distribution of flavors.

  4. Place a lemon wedge on the rim of the glass or drop it into the drink for an extra burst of citrus freshness. Serve the Hibiscus Ginger Seltzer immediately, and enjoy the refreshing fusion of floral hibiscus, zesty ginger, and effervescent seltzer.

Feel free to adjust the ratio of seltzer water to Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel according to your taste preferences. You can also experiment with different garnishes, such as fresh mint leaves or slices of cucumber, to personalize your Hibiscus Ginger Seltzer.


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