The Scenic Route from Fire Tonic to Fire Cider

The Scenic Route from Fire Tonic to Fire Cider
As our long-time customers have noticed, Hany’s Harvest recently undertook the second round of repackaging in the past two year -- so we wanted to take some time to explain why we’re so thrilled to finally have ‘Fire Cider’ on our labels where it belongs!

Back in 2013, when Hany discovered a recipe for fire cider and tried it, he was hooked. When he found only one Fire Cider brand on the market, he was sure there was market opportunity--and was inspired to try to fill it. 

But soon he learned the reason there weren’t more “Fire Ciders” on the market: one company had obtained a trademark on the name, even though it had been used by herbalists for decades. A legal battle was already underway, with a coalition of dedicated herbalists fighting to free the name

Not wanting to get involved with trademark infringement, Hany called his product Fire Tonic (and then for a while called it Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic in order to generate broader product recognition).

That is until October 2019, thanks to the tireless efforts of our herbalist colleagues, the Free Fire Cider campaign prevailed. We were finally able to call our product by its name. 

We rolled out our new labels early in 2020. We still had inventory in stock, so we relabelled it. We’ve had a few inquiries about double labeled bottles, so wanted to address them here.

Rest assured that the Fire Cider label and all associated nutrition information, best before date and so on are correct as stated.

Our newest batches of Fire Cider feature an even more potent organic Apple Cider Vinegar made locally here in the Catskills, along with other local and responsibly sourced ingredients to leave a big sassy grin on your face and a spring in your step. Give it a try!

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