Officially Launching our Rebrand!

Officially Launching our Rebrand!

It feels like a year since we unveiled our new labels at the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim last month...and now we're thrilled to announce that the whole line is FINALLY ready to go with these beautiful labels that were such a hit!

Our new design reflects our deepening connection to the consciously sourced, potently powerful ingredients that go into our products, and our commitment to making and packaging each bottle as sustainably as possible. 

It also reflects our expanding community of customers that spans across generations, demographics, and attitudes towards wellness routines and products.

And on a more macro level, it reflects our shift from a quirky small brand appealing to hard core health nuts to a national brand serving this broader community.

The new labels are available now HERE and through all of our wholesale channels. Our beloved old labels will still be available for a while longer on Amazon though.

Have questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you! Please reach out here.