Hany Takes on Fancy Food 2024!

Hany Takes on Fancy Food 2024!

This year, Hany ventured to the Fancy Food Show in New York City and returned with exciting insights and positive feedback that we're thrilled to share!


Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel: A Hit in Seltzer

Our Hibiscus Ginger Oxymel received overwhelmingly glowing feedback, especially when mixed with seltzer for a refreshing spritzer. Attendees loved the refreshing and unique flavor combination, which reassured us that this addition to our lineup is a winner.


Rebranding Success!

We lost count of how many times people complimented our new branding and packaging. It was incredibly affirming to hear "I love your branding/packaging" from so many visitors. One particularly memorable moment was when someone exclaimed, "Oh wow, you're Hany from Hany's Harvest!? I've got your product in my fridge and I'm totally fangirling right now."


ACV Products: Surviving the Shakeout

Compared to 2018, there were significantly fewer apple cider vinegar (ACV) products at the show. Back then, dozens of ACV products were riding the wave of a bubbly fad. This year, we found only one other maker of ACV-based products. This indicates that we’ve survived a major industry shakeout, which is a positive sign for our resilience.


Emphasis on ESG

Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) considerations are becoming increasingly important. Buyers are more focused on these aspects than ever before. We believe we’re doing well in this department, but it’s a reminder to keep ESG at the forefront of our operations and decision-making.


Attending the Fancy Food Show was an enriching experience, and we’re grateful for the valuable feedback and connections we made. We’re excited to continue bringing you the best in wellness and flavor!


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