Fire Cider vs Earth Cider

Fire Cider vs Earth Cider

Fire vs. Earth.

Our Fire Cider recipes are inspired by a traditional herbal remedy that’s been made for decades (and likely much longer) by infusing fiery ingredients like horseradish,

ginger, onion, garlic and cayenne pepper along with turmeric, lemon, and other nutrient-dense ingredients.

But in the hundreds of hours we’ve spent sampling our product with thousands of people at stores and markets, we’ve come to learn that not everyone shares our affinity for the Fiery element...and we wanted to share the goodness of our product with those folks too. 

So, our Earth Ciders were born.

Traditionally, in both Classical and Eastern systems, the Earth element is associated with the deeply grounding, nourishing energy of mother earth. We wanted to offer a mellower, yet equally bold, that softer touch with more widely accessible recipes that still maintain potent wellness benefits equal to our Fire Cider line. 

Our Earth Ciders skip the alliums (onion and garlic), and replace the cayenne with a milder black pepper, which serves the purpose of activating the powerful medicinal benefits of turmeric. From this milder base we add our unique blends of earthy roots and spices, profiled here.

So if the heat of our Fire Cider line is not right for you, or if you're just seeking a change to a mellow, yet equally bold experience, try our Earth Ciders!

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