Our Story


Back in the fall of 2013, Hany's Harvest founder Hany ElDiwany discovered a recipe for an apple cider vinegar infusion -- commonly known as fire cider -- renowned within the herbal community for centuries as a part of a healthful diet and lifestyle. Hany tried the recipe and quickly experienced its effects, and found the concoction to also be delicious and versatile as an ingredient in a range of culinary applications. Inspired to introduce this product to a broader audience, he soon developed his first four potently delicious recipes, each of which improved upon that original formulation with subtle differences to appeal to all tastes. Each bottle the Hany's Harvest team prepares for you is crafted in small batches using only the finest ingredients, including whole, organic roots and spices.

Hany's Harvest is the fusion of Hany's background as an engineer, a creative seeker, and a wellness advocate. Cultivating bounty is at the core of the Hany's Harvest mission, and offering these delicious and wholesome creations is our way of sharing our journey with you.