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Meet the Team

Meet the Folks behind the Ciders you love!
 Hany ElDiwany, Founder   

 Hany founded Hany's Harvest in 2017, inspired   by a recipe for traditional fire cider and a passion   for robust wellness and culinary adventure. Pre-   Hany's Harvest, he worked as a chemical   engineer, taught math & science in underserved   schools, and dove deep into studying Indian   Classical music. When he's not busy tinkering   with with recipes or running the business, he can be found riding his bike, keeping bees and honing his carpentry skills.

 Adina Saperstein,
 Director of Business Development
 Adina has been working with Hany's Harvest   since late 2017, helping with everything from   (wo)manning markets to fulfillment to developing   the brand. Currently she oversees retail sales,   web content, and new product development. She   has worked on micro- and small business   development and entrepreneurship projects in 20   countries as an economic development consultant, and still supports aspiring and early stage social and creative entrepreneurs as an integrative coach. She is also a seasoned yoga teacher, gardener, and lifelong adventurer. 

 Katie Bennett, Operations Associate
 Katie has been working with Hany's Harvest since   the business relocated to the Hudson Valley in   2019. Her responsibilities range from production   and fulfillment support to handling local demos   and markets. An avid student of plant medicine,   she is an herbalist and the owner of   Potic Creek   Herbals, where she creates and sells   homemade   salves. @PoticCreekHerbals
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