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Fire Tonics

Our Fire collection features our flagship tonics, which are our bold and invigorating twists on traditional Vermont "Fire Style" Cider. For centuries, New Englanders have made concoctions using Apple Cider Vinegar and local whole roots to complement their healthful diets and lifestyles. 

In additional to using traditional whole roots - onion, garlic, ginger and horseradish - infused in raw organic apple cider vinegar, we add the fresh turmeric root and generous amounts of lemon, yielding a lively potent blend that is both healthful and intensely flavorful. Additionally, we use cayenne pepper, which has a host of benefits along with a spicy flavor.

Our Offerings in this collection range in profile from unsweetened to spicy to sweet, offering something to appeal to everyone. They go very well in vinaigrettes, spicy cocktails and mocktails or as straight shots for a more intense eye-opener. Choose your favorite Fire Tonic today!


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