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Earth Cider Tonics

Our earth cider tonics swap out the fiery qualities of of Fire Cider Tonics for a much mellower profile. There are no cayenne pepper, onion or garlic in these infusions. Instead, we use black pepper and cooler roots such as organic beets, dandelion and burdock roots. There is far less heat and much more of a grounding element - hence, the earth.

Our Wilder Tonic uses dandelion and burdock roots, which have long been traditionally used in England as a detoxifying blend and an antidote to water retention. In fact, this blend is still commonly used by women during their moon cycles and by bodybuilders seeking to shed water weight before competition.

Our Beetroot Tonic uses organic beet root, which is another powerful detoxifying agent and a fan favorite for those seeking to enhance kidney function.
additionally, there is the presence of cinnamon, with just a touch of heat but far more sweet. 

The black pepper - derived solely from whole black peppercorns - performs an important function of increasing the bioavailability of the curcumin, the active ingredient in the whole turmeric that goes into these and all our tonics.



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