What's the right Fire Tonic for me?

So here you are at the doorstep of Fire Tonics. Maybe you've heard all that super good stuff about our products and now you're ready to take the plunge yourself. Or maybe you had a chance to indulge and now it's time to secure some of your own supply. But you find yourself wondering...which one should I get? Well we'd like to take a moment today to help you with that decision.

First off, they're all equally awesome. None is a bad choice. But we did vary them up a bit to address different tastes and preferences. Let's go through them one at a time then...

The Original

Do you like it tart? Do you love the intensity of raw apple cider vinegar without even a drop of sweetness to round out the edges? Well then the Original is your answer. There's nothing in here but vinegar, roots, spices and lemon. It's sharp. It's loud. And it'll wake you up and get you going. Take it straight and the lack of any softening sweetener makes that tonic flow down through the body like a surge of electricity. You'll feel it emanate down through you like a jolt of lightning. Take it as a mixer for food or beverage and you have the versatility of adding ingredients to augment the flavor as you see fit. 

Diabetic? No problem. Vegan? No animal products (aka honey) in this tonic. Oh but you're looking for the antihistamine quality of honey? Well there are other flavors for that. Read on!

The Reaper

Are you a pepperhead? A devotee of almighty capsaicin? Look no further than the Reaper, made with the pods of Carolina Reaper Peppers. Carolina Reaper Peppers are the love child of the habanero and the ghost pepper, two very hot and very flavorful peppers with somewhat of a cult following of their own. Their offspring is quite tasty too. As for heat? Well the Guinness book of Records has ranked it as the hottest pepper in the world. (now ranked #2, as of mid-2017)

Oh no wait! don't leave! We really don't use that much at all. In fact, though we here at the Fire Tonics headquarters are quite the pepperheads ourselves, we've made this stuff so drinkable that even the ultra-mild salsa contingent among us have found it very palatable. For those who like the pain, we can certainly recommend some killer sauce for you that'll make steam come out of your ears. (and please do the same for us). 

But that wasn't our goal here. What we've done is put just a wee bit of this kickin' pepper to add a little ummmph, contribute a delicious flavor element, and also give you a little extra in the sinus-clearing department. If you're calling upon us to assist in kicking that gnarly cold, maybe we can help you breathe a little easier with the reaper.

Note this one has a touch - just a touch - of honey. It brings out that yummy pepper flavor just a bit and rounds out that vinegary edge a tad too.

The Nectar

Oh you don't really dig that in-your-face vinegar kick? You don't live for that tarty thwack everytime you take a shot? Are you more of the sweet-toothed persuasion? Well come hither, dear friend, and meet your match in the Nectar.

The sweet Nectar is based on our Original Tonic but with the addition of generous amounts of raw wildflower honey and Grade A Dark Maple Syrup. What results is a much rounder profile that to some is far more palatable than the naked punch of the Original.  

The Honey does tend to bring the garlic flavor considerably forward in this one too. For some of us, this is of course pure heaven. For others, maybe that's not quite the cup of tea...err...tonic...that you're looking for. Well for those of you in the latter camp, read on, as your solution awaits below.


The Harvest

So not everybody is down for onions and garlic. We recognize and appreciate that fact. But we still want you to be part of our Fire Tonics family and so we've made a flavor for you as well - one that is 100% allium-free. Meet the Harvest.

Now we didn't want to just take something out without giving you something in return either. So we've given you the magic of molasses. No really. It's magic. We're not really sure how it works but the marriage of molasses with lemon, ginger, turmeric and horseradish somehow gives a unique flavor profile like none we've experienced anywhere else. Many have described this as "balsamic". Others call it "smoky". After tasting all four flavors, many have reported finding it to be the "softest", or the "friendliest" even. By the way, we're collectors of fine adjectives so please share any others you might come up with for this bird-of-its-own-feather. We'd love to hear it.

While all of our flavors make great vinaigrettes, this one is a real favorite. Try mixing it in a 1:2 ratio of tonic to olive oil and adding some crushed black peppercorns. Pour onto your mixed greens. Yumminess is sure to ensue. 

All of the Above

What's the Difference between our Fire Tonics and other similar products found on the market? Well perhaps we're biased but we think we're pretty darned awesome at what we do. But forget the colorful words for a moment and please consider these facts:

1. Our tonics are hand crafted in small batches in a kitchen in Brooklyn with careful attention to each ingredient that gets used. We're part of a very passionate community of local artisans that take pride in the products they create and are committed to delivering honest quality goods to their neighbors.

2. We use well over three pounds of fresh roots in every gallon of tonic we make* That's a lot! Sure, we could probably get away with using far less, but that's not how we roll. This is the real McCoy, based on a potent elixir that's been used for generations to load the body with digestive- and immune-boosting goodies and we just don't feel right watering it down any.

3. Speaking of watering it down, we don't do that in the literal sense either. Our base ingredient is 50-grain raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar and that's exactly what you get in every bottle of Hany's Fire Tonics that you pop open. Well that and a bunch of other really heady ingredients.

4. It's just awesome. It tastes great and you'll feel fantastic after taking a shot. Yes, those are facts too. Try it for yourself and see.

Okay well that's the shpeel for today friends. If you have any questions, you can check out our handy dandy FAQ section and if that doesn't satiate you, please write us a note and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Have yourselves a lovely day or night.




*The Harvest Tonic, which lacks onion and garlic, comes in a little lower in terms of pounds of roots per gallon but it is still a very potent recipe.