Tribute to Turmeric


Nope. That's not orange ginger, though we appreciate the resemblance. It's turmeric root. Most folks are used to seeing powdered turmeric root in a spice bottle. Well, this is where it comes from. And the fresh turmeric is the best turmeric. And we mean this stuff is really killer!!!

Let's talk a little bit about why turmeric is so awesome. But before we do, we've gotta do the whole disclaimer bit. We're NOT doctors. We're not making health claims. And we're not intending to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases with our products. 


Now that that's out of the way, let's get on with the business of celebrating this amazing root. 

Turmeric, or Haldi in Hindi, is the base of the plant that grows in the ground. Traditionally, turmeric root has been used in India from the earliest days of farming. And it's a ubiquitous part of the cuisine in much of the country. It's the base of many a curry and it accounts for the orange tinge of many dishes you might find at your local indian restaurant. It has a very strong earthy taste which adds a nice backdrop in modest amounts but can be overpowering in larger amounts when not properly balanced with other spices.

Now all that's fine and dandy but what really makes this root a living legend are the Curcuminoids, which are of course little alien invaders from the planet Curcumin. Okay not exactly, but it's fun to imagine if you're a sci-fi enthusiast. So back to seriousness, Curcuminoids are the active compounds in the turmeric that make it so bad ass. And Curcumin is not so much an alien bastion as it is the primary Curcuminoid to which Turmeric's awesomeness may be attributed.

So about that awesomeness...

The primary features of Curcumin are its roles as a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. Excessive Oxidation in our bodies can leave us in ill form over time and these powerful anti-oxidants go a long way in shielding us from said damage. Inflammation of the joints is never a cause for jubilation and an anti-inflammatory agent works to keep such unpleasantries at bay.

There have been many promising studies by scientists linking curcumin to positive results in the treatment of depression, cancer, blood clot reduction and cholesterol reduction as well. As we are not said scientists, nor doctors, we again caution you against taking this arguably strong research as undeniable truth but the body of evidence in support of these benefits is indeed mounting.

Turmeric is not a traditional ingredient in fire cider. But with all that it does, we thought it would really make a fine compliment to all the other great ingredients that we put in there for you. And they do seem to get along swimmingly.

We use about a third of a pound of turmeric for every gallon of apple cider vinegar that goes into our fire tonics. That's over 150 grams of turmeric per 128 oz of apple cider vinegar, or just under 10 grams per 8-oz bottle. As always, we don't skimp on goodness. No Sir and no Ma'am. We always give you the real deal. 

That concludes today's educational blog post. We plan to introduce some of our other awesome constituents soon so stay tuned for more in the near future.

Enjoy the Fire.